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Anyone who knew Corey would tell you there is nothing quite like a Corey Storey.  Here is your opportunity to share the joy he brought to our lives with others by posting a Corey Storey.  It may take up to 24 hours for the post to be visible.

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  1. Corey was one of my best friends, we would spend hours talking on the phone pouring over what he wrote in his essay, what he planned to say the next day to so and so, all the latest gossip or whatever other issues were going on in our lives.

    A few years ago he decided at the time to ride his bike back and forth from work, I thought he was crazy but he did it. On the way home from work he would call me and we would talk the entire trip, him peddling away and me advising him he was nuts.

    During one of these long conversations I’m going on and on about my problems (something I love to do) and Corey was dead silent. I asked if he was still there and he said yes I just crashed and slide down the side of the road. I asked how he managed to lose control of his bike, slide across the road and not make a single sound, let alone scream out. He replied because he was the best.

    I love and will miss my friend for the rest of my life. From the time he followed the ems to the hospital after someone ran their truck into my back, to all the late night dinners at various restaurants listening to his stories, to his remarkable wit and ability to out argue anyone, and finally to the endless hours spent talking and laughing.

    There is a hole in my heart, and only being able to talk to Corey again will heal it. He was truly one of the greatest people I have ever known.

  2. Corey used my pregnancy in college as an excuse to eat in class. He would take me to get food every day before philosophy and would sit right next to me and eat with me.. according to him, he couldn’t just let me eat alone; and honestly, my pregnancy was exhausting for him so he needed to refuel. He was an amazingly charming and funny friend, and the best baby daddy I never had…

    I’ll forever be thankful for that last phone call between us – he called just to tell me he was getting his pants fixed in the town I used to live in. It was a hilarious story and a phone call I’ll never forget.

  3. Corey’s lighthearted and kind character was shown the first time I met him. Kevin (his little brother) has always been one of my best friends and when we were young he’d always invite me to go to Texas with him to hang with his family. One night Corey came over late when Kevin was tired and everyone else was in bed and offered to take us for a ride in his lotus sports car. Somehow I was the only one who ended up riding with him and I felt like the coolest kid in the world. This big brother of one of my best friends drove me around town in his nice sports car not knowing who i was just knowing he was bringing a smile to a kid. As he did. Going 100 *cough* I mean 65 on the roads. I’m not sure if Corey remembered this, but I will never forget it. Thank you for not only being the perfect big brother to my lifelong friend, but even caring to take time out of your life to make his friends smile.

  4. Corey Daniels a great guy all around knew him for a short time 7 months he taught me a thing or two the hard way always doing good things enjoying life speeding on the toll roads scaring the shit out of me. Playing joking sharing a good worker overall Corey young man will be missed
    But his legends will live on in the things he shared with us .

  5. Corey I love you with all of my being. They say that time heals all. I have no idea who “they” are but I am sure that they haven’t lost anyone. I miss you every day and just want you back. I want you to know that Baby is spoiled beyond belief. You would laugh at uncle Kimie. She means everything to him. She has definitely claimed him as her own. I don’t have the heart to tell him that she owns him and not the other way around. You have taught her well. She is a good girl. You were an incredible guy who touched so many. I can only hope to make an impact on people as you have. I am so proud of who you were. I hope that I told you enough while you were here how awesome you were and how much that I loved you. I look forward to the day when we meet again. Until then baby and I will just have to wait.

  6. I received a care package for Valentine’s day from Corey’s coworkers. In it were pictures from Corey’s time at the post office. One if these was a selfie….let me share the story as I was told:

    Here’s the story about the selfie. We just received new scanners and Corey of course with his curious self was “investigating”(wink wink) the new technology. He took pictures of himself on several scanners as a joke and the images went to our headquarters. We did not know that at the time.He WAS found out and scolded and told to delete them. I talked to him about keeping a low profile because the BIG bosses were upset. We thought it was funny and laughed. He told me that he deleted all but one because he could NOT remember which scanner (1-87 possiblies) . Mind you people were using them so he didn’t have access to find the last picture… fast forward to this past Saturday, He popped up , out of the blue on the scanner and made our coworkers laugh and cry. They set it aside , calling it the Corey scanner. It’s still funny. He was a ham and We miss him.

    The selfie will be posted in the Corey photos

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